With the exchange rate causing havoc on our pricing we have been forced to develop our own surfboards and we believe that we have taken it to a whole new level. As kiting turns more and more towards the waves, any surfer will understand the need for a quiver of boards and going the custom route is a natural progression. We didn’t want to produce a stock standard board as we have realised that kiting puts the boards through a lot more stress and strain than surfing, but on the other hand we have played with enough shapes to know what works and what doesn’t. We have developed what we see as the next wave of boards.

We are producing an epoxy board with an inlay of high density foam that is vacuumed into the top deck, designed to increase the strength whilst keeping the board light, flexible and keeping it a high performance board. If you are a harder rider then we can strengthen up the board and make it tougher, as long as kiters understand that you are always going to sacrifice performance for strength,but we now have the ability to offer this.

The next wave looks like it could be a fantastic solution where you as the rider can decide what you want out of the board. What’s even better is the ride of these boards is amazing and the feedback has been really good.  We have developed 2 models that we believe offers what you need but these are definitely going to be expanded upon.


We are vacuuming a high density foam, that is both malleable and super strong, into the blank and the results so far have been above our expectations. We pulled the grip off a board the other day, after a month of use, to check how the deck was holding out and where the inlay was we could not find one indentation. On the nose of the board there was a big pressure ding where a knee had hit the board and there was no HD foam.

The fins are now being strengthened to help cope with the added pressure of the kite pulling some riders through their turns. We have channels in the nose that are there to help the rider grip his board in jumps and strapless tricks. The nose rail has been strengthened with even more cloth to help protect against those constant knocks from the bar.

The finish of these boards is going to being improved daily but we hope to be able to offer different finishes but we will keep you in the loop.


There are 2 main shapes that are being designed and the we are aiming to bring out more as we go along. A lot of us surf the waves and as we improve our riding,we want to get more out of our boards as well as have boards that suit our style of riding as everyone rides differently. Our aim is to design a few models but allow you to play with the lengths and widths (to a degree) but our aim is to provide a high performance board that we can customize for different riders.

Both shapes ride exceptionally down the line. The parallel rails and rounded pin tail allow is great in rail to rail down the line riding as well as long carving turns, it generates speed exceptionally easily so is also a great ride when toe side riding in on shore conditions. Due to it’s speed it is perfect for big round house cut backs as it will allow you to get back on the plane quicker than most. If you are wanting a board to ride in offshore as well as onshore conditions then this is the board for you. This board is the board that I would recommend if you are wanting a board to ride both strapped and strapless.

The swallow tail board is designed for more in the pocket snaps and it rides very well down the line. This design will allow for sharper, harder bottom turns whilst still allowing you to snap the tail out on the lip.   Fantastic strapless board but can be ridden with straps if the rider so desires.


I tried a mates board the other day and he didn’t have pads and was using wax and I could not ride the board – I literally fell of 5 times in 2 minutes and it made me really grasp the importance of getting a good deck grip. We therefore spent some time developing a design which is comfortable and allows the board to suck to your feet (the holes in this pad combine with the softer inlay to create small suckers) giving you the ultimate tool to help improve your strapless riding whilst giving you plenty of cushioning if you are strapped in.

These will be sold separately if you are not fortunate enough to be in possession of one of our boards.


When you buy a  top quality board it should come with good fins. Why buy a great offroad vehicle if it comes with slicks as it ain’t gonna work. So our boards come with glass carbon Scarfini fins but you do get the option to buy the board with no fins if you so desire.


So we have gone on about the board and we are super stoked with what we have come up but how much?

We are offfering you a couple of options here as a lot of guy no longer use straps and we also have guys that have a whole draw full of fins. All boards besides the first board will come with a 2 tone spray as seen in the pictures which will either be a full gloss or matt (waiting for exact costings)

So here are the options:

BOARD ONLY (No spray, no fins,no deckpad)…..                           R5 650.00

BOARD ONLY (with spray, no fins, no deckpad)                             R5 999.00

STRAPLESS BOARD with deckpad but no fins…                            R6 750.00

STRAPLESS BOARD COMPLETE….                                       R7 250.00

STRAPPED BOARD with deckpad but no fins…….                          R7 250.00

STRAPPED BOARD no straps….                                                          R7 399.00

STRAPPED BOARD COMPLETE….                                          R7 750.00

SPECIAL OFFER – we are going to offer the first 5 boards at an introductory price complete with straps,fins and pads for R7 250.00 Strapless boards will be going for R6 750.00 At the time of going to print we have already sold 2 boards so now only have 3 boards left.

If you would like to demo a board please call up to book a demo date.