Graphic photo below so please be warned but we would have put it there to show you how dangerous lines can be if you are not aware.

We had 2 incidents with guys getting hurt with their lines and I must once again stress how dangerous your lines can be so here are a couple of tips that might one day help.

  • Try avoid your lines in the water at all costs
  • Avoid lines of the kite in the shore break – especially the kite which can envelop you – so stay clear.
  • If your kite crashes in the shore break then let you bar go and run down and physically pull the kite out the           water – don’t try pull it out with the lines.
  • If your kite gets washed up in the shorey, always approach the kite from the back and be aware of what waves       about to wash the kite onto you.
  • Never wrap the lines around your fingers
  • Use the Self rescue if you want to swim your kite in