We are at the bottom of a hill so are always at rick of flooding. Having 2 stairs in front of the shop has always saved us but not on the 25th JULY. We experienced rains like never before. So much so that our gutters collapsed under the pressure and the water came pouring in. This was made worse by the fact that as cars drove through the puddle outside it formed waves that ended up breaking through my shop.

We did finally manage to get a SUP in front of the shop and by that I mean on the road!

The problem is that we had just finished finally refurbishing the shop with new coffee counter and all the wood has now been damaged. The back room became swimming pool and swamped the electrics. On the up note we did a major shop clean!!  Check these pics out.

Look at the front door – you will see the water level is ABOVE the glass window.

The gutter that came crashing down

Margate Main Beach

Margate Beach – the sea was on its head and still is huge!