We launched the Ocean2air boards recently and we thought that we would give you a follow up to let you know exactly where we are.

We found that the standard glass boards were not standing up to the impact that our conditions and sport were putting them through. So we teamed up with one of the oldest glassers in the the industry which allowed us to control the glassing process as it is  important that the board gets glassed in the right places. We now produce an epoxy board, that is light and strong. Strength is directly related to weight so we can produce a heavier but much stronger board but have found that the standard lay up with the HD foam inlay that we vacuum into the board, will stand up to most that you throw at it.

The shape has been refined and we have come up with ‘the one’ that everyone is raving about. We have increased the depth of the big single concave going through the board and the best way to describe this board is that it is alive! It feels responsive and snappy and is the main board that we will be producing. This will cost R7 950.00 for a full set up including straps, glass fins and the new design Ocean2air deck pad. If you are only into strapless riding then it works out cheaper.

The other shape that we are going for is the On Rails design which is from Clint Smart which has parallel rails and is super fast and a great rail to rail down the line type of board. We have also had extremely positive feedback on this board.

We have a new and exciting version soon to be tested!!

These boards are now in production and if you would like to come see what they are coming out like then come pop down to the shop.