BANDIT 11th edition – Keeping it short and simple

Fantastic kite and it has a number of big improvements that I like.

Firstly – if you are a Bandit lover then with the flying of the kite you know what you are getting but same but better that always applies to this kite is here again. The same tried and tested depower system. A slightly improved bar feel which still feels great

BIGGEST improvement has got to be the inflation system – amazing to use and only once you have used do you understand why people insist on this system. It makes it a LOT easier to inflate your kite and really takes the hassle out of pumping. The system F-One have gone for is the same as the SUP inflation system and it is very easy to use and simple as ever.

BAR – I love the manual untwist system they have introduced (finally) which is below the bar – great to be able to easily untangle the twists.

SAFETY – brilliant news – it now flags onto a single line which I think is way better as it opens the kite out more spilling more power and resulting in no pull once it has been engaged – about time!

BATONS – no longer in  the wing tips which means you can be a little more reckless when packing up. No flutter which is also good to see with the loss of the batons.

Personally I have noticed the biggest differences on the 12 which is a massive improvement on last years. The kite still rides waves exceptionally well and has amazing de-power.

I am looking forward to the year ahead.