Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen as I was super stoked at the actual events. So good to have that competitive edge thrown in there to make guys start sharpening up their game – and that quite honest was what it was all meant to be about!! THAT and Fun of course!!!!  That is what this sport thrives on – it is something that we love doing and will make any excuse to try do it. And the great thing is that this sport gets better and better the further we go.

Just in case you didn’t know what was going on, then here is a quick overview

The Summer series comprised of 5 events. Guys would accumulate points onto an overall leader board, whilst allowing for one throw away. 1st event was won by Rob Chrystal which was the downwind from Suncoast to the shop held in 18-22 knots. Second event was the NE wave riding event which was won by Lorenzo Valenti in fun 3 ft surf with a fun mid break. The Upwind race was won by Bryce Rawlins held in 32 knot gusty NE, the SW event was held on the Sat 9th December, with time running out to have the prize giving, in what was tricky conditions  – won by Rob. The Biggest Air was held through the whole series and Lorenzo won this with a big 17.3m.  Congratulations to Josh Emanuel and River Tolkin who both took some wins but were  not in the series! Well done to Lorenzo Valenti for taking the series win. For final results click the www.ocean2air/competition

George and Nastasha Morphis

Neil and John


Stu Armstong and Stan Friedrich were neck on neck coming into the final event and Stu managed to squeeze past to win the Novice DIvision and take home an Ocean2air Surfboard. Stan took home one of the new Wave riding harnesses from Mystic.

A big shout out to all the sponsors especially to Andy Whysall of Swarovski that gave a pair of Swarovski Binoculars to the value of R15000 and these were auctioned off. As well some insane other prizes. Richard Downey – one of the godfathers of kiting got Thule involved and also gave some awesome prizes. Also Bruce of Mystic for 2 Mystic wave riding harnesses,  John of  13th floor,  Scot and Tarryn Hunter of Durban Brewing Company for providing us with some of the best beer craft beer in Durban, Stef of Classic Eyes, Warren of Island Style, and a number of other players who all contributed to making this an awesome event.

Big shout out to all those that competed, judged, helped out and making it such a fun event that we are definitely holding it again next year!

Aerial photo of NE wave riding compo

Upwind race ended up being a classic dress up event