F-One IC6 Hydrofoil

  1. F-One Hydrofoil

F-One has been involved and one the leaders in hydro-foiling. They have learnt their lessons and have now improved an already refined product by producing a complete kite and surf hydrofoil range. One where the foils are designed to be easily interchangeable and replaceable. One where the weak spots have been learnt and improved upon and now they have also made it affordable. A complete set up without the board will be in the region of R11-R12 000.

Ocean2air has been on this same journey and we have already got a number of guys up and foiling and it is set to boom. A friend has just called from Hawaii and says that everything there is about the foil – when the wind blows hydrofoil kiting, when there is small surf hydrofoil surfing – making small waves fast and taking our sport upwards and forever developing!

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