After the success of the Summer Series we are going to run a few more events this year. We will be running 3 wave riding comepitions. The plan is to run when the wind is good and the waves are firing. We hope to have a SW, a NE – which will be a purely strapless competition (so no longer a strapped event).  The last event will be an anything goes and open to all disciplines – toe side/strapped/strapless/topless – no restrictions! We would like to try and run these events as roaming for the 2 and the last will be here at Ocean2air.  A couple of ideas are to run the SW either at the Bluff or at Umdloti and then the NE at either Umzumbe or the Bluff but there are always other options. Fill in the entry form (which does not commit you but can rather be used to help guide us in offering what most people want)



We are proposing a new format to run the compo. To maximise water time and to improve spectators experience – we are going to have a 2-3 hour competing period. In that time slot you need to catch at least 2 waves but you can kite the entire time if you so desire. Your top wave will count to put you into the final 8 competitors who will then battle it out. The top wave score will be updated as the day progresses so you know where you are standing. We believe this will create and awesome kiting day which is more about the kiting than the competing!


The other fun series is an upwind series which will run after work days and is a quick 30 min format and then you can kite some more. This will again work on throw aways  (so you don’t have to attend every one) but we would like to have at least 5 of these.  They will run in the same format as the last time, which was to kite up around a flag on the beach and back down again! Loads of fun and at the end of it we will  see who is crowned the best upwinder . An information only group will be formed to let you know when these events will run. This will only start around the end of July but ENTER NOW!

Upwind race ended up being a classic dress up event