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Surfboards for Kitesurfing

Surfing a wave with a kite takes surfing to another level and makes kitesurfing into another whole sport. The stoke factor of wave riding is off the charts as we are essentially combining the two sports of surfing and kiteboarding into one which is kitesurfing! As surfers know the surfboard is everything when it comes to riding waves and riding the correct waveboard can totally change the way you ride. Ocean2air has focussed on wave riding and kitesurfboards for the past 17 years as Durban is arguably one of the best and most consistent wave riding venues in the world. We have teamed up with one of Durban’s top board shapers who also kitesurfs and are now producing boards that caters for all styles and will allow you to take your wave riding to the next level!

Why Kitesurf with a Surfboard

Kitesurfing offers an unparalleled opportunity to ride waves with the freedom of a surfer whilst harnessing the power of the kite. It is like tow surfing except you still have the jetski there when you need it. There is no other sport that can give a higher wave count whilst still offering the true surfing feel like kitesurfing does!

Using the correct board is essential to allow you to learn this side of the sport. As surfers are aware, the surfboard plays an essential part of wave riding and this is also very true when it comes to directional kiteboards. You can ride a wave with a twintip but your will never be able to achieve the angles of attack, the drive and flow of a wave board.

ELS Kite Surfboards

ELS surfboards come in 3 different models – each aimed at different styles of wave riding. Different wind direction and strength, as well as the swell angle will all affect which style of riding suits that wave and obviously different board shapes will assist you with this. Don’t take an old surfboard and go ride that as you are seriously hampering your true wave riding potential. Ride the correct board and see how your riding can improve. Here is a brief overview of the boards and how they can be ridden.

The SS Surfboard

The SS – this is the perfect board for the guy wanting to change from a twintip to a surfboard and start wave riding. It has very straight rails which makes upwinding a breeze as it slices through the water and makes for a very smooth ride. The shape of this board is like a massive twintip (with obvious differences) but it allows the twintipper to transition into a surfboard very easily and the wider nose give it more stabilty in the jibe. Advanced riders love this board for toe-side wave riding as well as for freestyle tricks due to the pop.

The Mustard Gas Surfboard

The Mustard Gas – the fun small wave board of the quiver. If you generally have 2 to 3 ft surf or surf which is soft then this board is the way to go. It drives off the bottom turn which allows riders to generate a lot of speed which is essential for small waves. The quad fin allows riders to do long drawn out bottom turns and explosive snaps off the lip and the extra volume in the nose allows riders to float sections whilst still generating speed for the next manoeuvre! Our recommendation is to go EPS construction due to the weight and the extra float which is essential in small waves.

The WHYLO Surfboard

The WHYLO – this is the board for riders wanting to take their riding to the next level. Best suited for surf in the 3-8ft range. If your riding does not improve when getting onto this board then you are doing it all wrong! The rounded pin allows for a smooth transition when setting up waves as well as improving the angles of attack to hit the wave more vertically. The top turns can be drawn around into tight pivots or throw it a little harder and you can get the fins and tail free for some mind blowing turns. This is a board that every rider should have in their quiver.

Need Help Choosing the Right Board?

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Learn to Ride a Surfboard

Ocean2air also offers introductory wave riding clinics and advanced wave riding clinics.

Do you find that you are trying to wave ride but the kite and the wave just don’t sync?
Do you surf better than you kite surf?
Do you find the kite continuously pulls you off the back of the wave or leaves you hanging?

If this is the case then you are flying the kite wrong and our courses can help you improve your riding.  We have been surfing waves with a kite for close on 22 years now and with the advancement of kites and boards it has become easier and easier. When you ride a twintip you can get away with not flying your kite correctly but when it comes to wave riding you need to be spot on with kite placement and control. We are now offering various options to help you improve your kite control and kite placement but we focus on the control first. We offer various options but essentially we first give videos explanations of what you should be doing, followed by a helmet radio downwind lesson with go-pro video for later analysis (even if you are  not in the area but are able to give us go pro footage then we will be able help you improve on line) then we do a full analysis of the footage to show you where you can improve.