HOW DO YOU GET INTO WAVE RIDING? Simple – come jump onto one of our wave riding clinics where we we give you access to all the theory via on-line videos. We will then do an hour long downwind lesson where we will use a helmet radio to further explain what you need to do. Finally we will put a GoPro on you and then we will analyze and and show you how you can improve.
This clinic will allow us to assess what you are doing, explain and show you what you should be doing and then as soon as you apply that, you will understand how quickly you can improve your riding. This course is aimed at the guys just wanting to start wave riding but It will also apply to guys that have never had a proper lesson as it is guaranteed to improve your wave riding. HOW – we ll we focus on the basics because if your foundation is not there your riding will always be one step behind. We give you the understanding on kite placement and cbar control.

Cost of the course is R1800 and runs anytime the wind blows (booking essential)