With over 20 years kiting behind us, Ocean2air has the experience and when it comes to teaching that is essential.

Ocean2air kitesurfing is responsible for teaching over 80% of the kiters in the Durban area. We have been teaching for over 20 years and we have refined our lessons into a system that works! We concentrate on teaching you the most important thing which is understanding how to fly a kite properly and  safely.  Get on board with us and give yourself  the best opportunity to get into this amazing sport.


Here is a simple analogy – you can be the world’s  best wakeboarder but if the driver of the boat doesn’t give you enough throttle then you will never be even able to get out the water to show it. Flying a kite is counter intuitive and if you are not taught how to fly the kite properly initially then you are never going to give yourself a proper chance of learning. We focus on teaching you an understanding of how to fly the kite and use various techniques to do this so that it makes it so much easier when get onto the board.


We realise that students are different and some learn better with practical and others better with visual, so we are using them all to teach. We give you access to online videos that will go through the theory and explain what we are going to teach you before the lesson you come to the shop to start. This will allow you to understand what we are doing before you even put a kite in the sky and allow you to process the information better.

                                                                                                                 BEGINNERS LESSON (MODULE 1 & 2)

You should not put an inflatable kite in the sky before doing Module 1 and 2. This a new sport for most students and so as not to be overwhelmed with information on your fist lesson we will give you access to online videos that will go through the theory as well as an explanation of how we are going to teach. You need to watch these before starting on the beach.

  • MODULE 1  – Beginner
      • set up and safety
      • basic kite flying
      • duration 1hr 30 mins
      • COST R900 for 1 hour and 30 minutes
      • plus you get access to all the videos
  • MODULE 2 – Advanced
      • We progress to more advanced kite flying
      • explain how you keep control of the kite whilst harnessing the power.
      • We will show you another short video to help reinforce your understanding.
      • COST R900 for 1 hour and 30 minutes


This is the body dragging lesson at La Mercy lagoon. We put you in the water with a kite (no board) and use a helmet radio to continue teaching. In order to progress into the water safely, you will need to display a sufficient level of kite control.  After Module 2  we will give you access to the next set of videos that will allow you to again see where we are going and also to help you understand why we are teaching you the way we do.

      • advanced kite flying
      • water re-launching
      • La Mercy Lagoon
      • COST R850 for 1 hour and 30 minutes


The board lesson is where we take all the kite flying and training that we have been doing and put it all together. If you have grasped all the concepts that we have taught you then getting onto a board will be a breeze. If you are battling to get up and riding then we might need to reinforce some of the basic principles. We use a helmet radio to have communication with you whilst you are in the water.

      • up and riding board lesson
      • 1 on 1 lesson with instructor
      • cost R850 per hour


We have introduced a 5th lesson  to help  you go upwind and become more competent if you feel that you would like to progress faster. We found that this allows kiters to understand all the wind conditions better and will allow them to understand what they can do better to allow them to get up easier.  It will go into detail about the following:

      • KITE – how you need to fly your kite in strong winds and in light winds.
      • BOARD – It will go through exactly how you need to use your board to get up and riding.
      • BAR – the exact way your hands need to operate on the bar in order to ensure your kite flies correctly
      • STANCE – how you need to position your body to make sure you get onto the board
      • HARNESS – how all the above revolve around this piece of equipment
      • SAFETY – some basic rules of the water to help you keep safe

We give you access to all these videos before your next lesson then will do a hour long lesson with the helmet radio.

          • COST R1250.00 (based on having completed Modules 1-4)
      • GO PRO ANALYSIS – you have the option to use a Go-Pro to video the above session.  We  use it to focus on your hands, bar and board. We then change the angle and focus on the kite to see what that is doing. We will then analyze the footage after the session and show you where you are making mistakes and also to explain where you can improve. Once students can see what they are actually doing and having their mistakes corrected, it allows them to improve at a quicker rate.
          • COST R550

PLEASE NOTE  – our teaching methods are the majority of kiters that kite in the Durban area have been taught by us. We have done this by adjusting the course to suite each one. Our aim is not to do as many lessons as possible but rather to do as many as NECESSARY to get you up and riding!

It is important for you to ‘graduate’ from the one module in order to progress in the next.


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This lesson is the most important lesson, as it will ultimately lay the foundation for you to get up on the board.

Module 1 deals with the theory behind kite flying. It will allow you to understand where you need to fly the kite and why you have to use the harness. Most importantly it will deal with the safety, set-up, launching and landing of your kite.

Most people have never flown a kite so this lesson is aimed to get you there using tried a tested methods. If you stick with this you will get it and you will see how simple it can be.

Once you understand the technical aspects of kite flying, it will be like a puzzle falling into place.

Theory + 1.5 hours, based on 2 students

Theory + 1 hour, based on 1 student

R900.00 pp

BRING – bring sunnies, cap and rashvest.


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Module 2 is an extension of module 1 and we try to do these lessons together as it is good to take what you have just learnt and expand on it.
We deal with more advanced kiting and now start to teach you the correct way to fly a kite, combining all the techniques that we have taught you. We cannot tell you how many times we have had students that have not been taught properly say – “I was never shown that! Now it makes sense!” And that is our aim to put the foundation in to allow you to get onto a board.

We aim to make you understand why you have a de-power line and how the 4 line kite is meant to work! Only once you understand this properly do we then get you onto module 3!

1.5 hours, based on 2 students

R900.00 pp

BRING – bring sunnies, cap and rashvest.


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The body dragging lesson – we get you onto a bigger kite and put you into the safety of the water. We now use a waterproof helmet radio to communicate with you and to continue teaching whilst you are in the water. We will deal with the water re-launch, upwind body dragging and kite control.

The aim of this lesson is to get you more familiar with the kite and getting used to the pull in the water whilst still stressing the importance of the harness and re-enforcing the techniques learnt in the beginner course.

This is generally done in the lagoon to allow you easier learning conditions, however where possible (and provided the student is happy to) we do like to try do the lesson in the sea.

1.5 hours plus theory videos

R850.00 pp
BRING – costume or wetsuit.


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The board work lesson will only be done on successful completion of level 3 as it is imperative that the student has sufficient control and technique to allow the board work lesson to be successful.

This is the lesson the is designed to have you UP and RIDING.

This lesson takes all that we have taught and brings it together to allow you to get up and going as easily as it looks. If your kite control is not of a sufficient level we will get you body dragging again until our instructor is happy to put you on a board.

The use of the helmet radio is imperative to get you up and riding and we will use the lagoon to help make the initial lesson as easy as possible.

1 hour plus theory videos

R850.00 per hour (if completed Mod 123)

IF you have not come through the kite school then you have to watch the training video to understand the concepts that you have possibly missed and this needs to be done at the shop before coming to the lagoon.

R1050 pp (if coming from another school)

If you don’t have your own gear then a gear rental fee will be charged
BRING – costume or wetsuit.


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The downwind lesson is a unique learning experience that very few kite schools are able to offer. Our instructor will ride with the student on a downwind (which is a 4 km run in front of the shop) and instruct them on the way by means of a one way radio system. This allows our instructor to teach without the interruption of having to walk back upwind the whole time and also gives the added benefit of being able to show the student how it is done. The downwind is one of the best learning methods that is on Ocean2airs doorstep and offers a unique method to get up and riding as we have 5 km stretch of beach that gives us the perfect teaching platform. The downwind lesson is a brilliant tool to teach wave riding, advanced moves, edging techniques and many more.

This lesson is generally one hour if you have completed Mod 1 2 3 4

R850.00 per hour (a downwind should take an hour if you have completed Mod 1 2 3 4)

BRING – to be done on students equipment. If you need to rent gear here prices will be dependent on if you have graduated from our training program!


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